On the occasion of the DUBAI EXPO 2020, DSG organize in February a week dedicated to the Italian fashion, in particularly to the Italian Marche Region, famous for the birth of important brands such as Tod’s, Hogan, Fay, Pollini, Dockstep’s, Bikkemberg, Marrel and so on.

Founded in 2018, DSG is a brand created to offer Millennials and Gen-Zs an eclectic yet polished style, combining urban and couture vibes. Thanks to the versatility of its creations and the types of materials used, DSG aims at being a chic, contemporary brand that allows the wearers to express themselves to the fullest.

DSG’s customers love wearing glamorous, sexy and fun clothes; they want to create their own outfits and dress comfortably. The versatility of its pieces and the possibility to create outfits with a strong personality make DSG an ideal partner for those who want to interpret fashion in an original way, focusing on combining fashion and comfort. Clothes become a way to communicate, to take care of one’s wellbeing and even to care for the environment.

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